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Price Grid for a Tensio Snow System


The price of a Tensio solution varies from building to building, depending on a multitude of factors. For example, if the building includes :

  • Several roofs of different heights (versus one large flat roof)
  • Firewalls or very thick walls that don't let the waves through (requiring more than one connection gateway)

Approximate Price Overview for a Tensio Snow System*

*Important: The prices shown on this page are subject to change, as each building is different, but this overview gives you an idea of the costs of a Tensio system.

Roof Surface (sq. ft.) Acquisition & Implementation Annual Subscription (Software)
Less than 100,000 $0.22 / sq. ft. $0.02 / sq. ft.
100,000 to 130,000 $0.11 / sq. ft. $0.02 / sq. ft.
130,000 to 200,000 $0.09 / sq. ft. $0.02 / sq. ft.
200,000 to 300,000 $0.07 / sq. ft. $0.02 / sq. ft.
300,000 to 1 million $0.035 / sq. ft. $0.01 / sq. ft.
More than 1 million $0.02 / sq. ft. $0.005 / sq. ft.

For example, an organization with a 150,000 sq. ft. roof can expect to spend around $16,500 for the acquisition and installation of a Tensio system.

"I'm very satisfied with the Tensio system.

From the moment of installation, the team was available, punctual and efficient. The installers worked cleanly and respected all our constraints and those of our tenants.

Over and above the cost savings, the Tensio system allows us to validate ourselves, put our efforts in the right place and achieve maximum efficiency when clearing snow from our roofs.

The platform is simple, user-friendly and provides a good overview of future forecasts."



André Guèvremont, Operations Coordinator,
JLL (Laurier Québec & Place Sainte-Foy)

Never Felt the Need to Remove Snow From the Roofs of Your Buildings Before?

Confident enought that you’re safe from a forced business shutdown or, worse, a collapse?


We can't stress this enough: the height of the snow is not a reliable indicator of whether it's time to plan a snow removal operation on your building roofs.

Firstly, because the height of the snow is not representative of its weight, since it can hide water and ice. What's more, different sections of the same building may have different capacities, depending on a number of factors.

The only reliable data is that which monitors the behavior of a building's ceiling structure, in real time.

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