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Smart Solution for Preventive Roof Maintenance in Winter

Find Out if and When You Need to Clear Snow From the Roofs of Your Buildings With Tensio

Tensio is the only intelligent (IoT) solution for preventive roof maintenance that accurately shows you the level of stress on your buildings' structure caused by the weight of snow, thanks to reliable, personalized data.  

Benefits of Equipping Your Buildings With Tensio Sensors

tensio icon reliable data

Base your decision-making process on reliable data tailored to your buildings' actual capacity

tensio icon risk of collapse

Avoid business interruptions and the risk of collapse caused by structural stress in your buildings

tensio icon snow-clearing costs

Reduce snow-clearing costs by limiting the number of snow-clearing operations to the essentials

tensio icon spread snow

Optimize your snow-clearing efforts by knowing when and where snow only needs to be spread on your roof rather than removed completely

tensio icon employee safety

Maximize your employees' safety at work by avoiding having them climb on your roof to inspect the snow volume

tensio icon roof membrane

Reduce the risk of damage to your roof membrane caused by shovels by reducing the number of snow removal operations required

What’s Included in a Tensio Solution

tensio icon smart sensors

Tensio Smart Sensors (IoT)

Designed and assembled in Canada, they run on a battery with a life of 5 years or more, and comply with IP67 standards (humid or corrosive environments). 

tensio icon connection gateway

Connection Gateway 

Our connection gateway uses a secure LoraWan network, completely independent of your internal IT networks.

tensio icon installation

Installation, Engineering & Training

Everything is taken care of by the Tensio team, from installation to user training! The process is non-intrusive and will not disrupt your business. 

tensio icon web app

Annual Subscription to the Tensio App

Unlimited number of users, data history and hosting, preventive alerts based on weather forecasts, updates and technical support. 

Tensio System Features

tensio intelligent sensors

Tensio Sensors Measure the Live Load Supported by Your Roof

Our intelligent sensors (IoT) are installed by one of our engineers on the steel structures inside your buildings to measure the stretching of the steel caused by the load of snow, water and ice on the roof of your buildings. 

Data Is Compiled in the Tensio App and Cross-Referenced With Weather Forecasts

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), the Tensio web app tells you whether or not certain locations on your roof require snow removal based on their current load and the hourly weather forecast for the next few days. You can therefore visualize and monitor the structural stress of your buildings' structure in real time. 

tensio web app weather forecast
tensio web application statistics

A Preventive Alert Is Sent as Soon as a Limit Exceedance Approaches

When installing your Tensio system, a structural engineer determines the capacity limits for each roof location based on a multitude of factors (snow accumulation history, roof geometries and heights, low walls causing snow triangles, wind direction, etc.).

Discover Tensio for Your Sector

What Our Customers Say About Their Tensio System

Since Tensio was founded, 100% of the customers who purchased our autonomous roof monitoring solution are still customers today.

tensio client testimonial city of lévis logo

"We now make informed decisions based on standards and not on visual interpretations made by individuals."

François Dubé,
Infrastructure Management & Maintenance
City of Lévis


tensio client testimonial olymbec logo

"Last winter, I slept well! Weather cocktails make us lose control, but with Tensio I know what's going on, even if I'm not there."

Alexandre Kagaba,
Roofing Project Manager

tensio client testimonial city of shawinigan logo

"We have considerably reduced the number of interventions on the roof thanks to the Tensio system. We can now monitor the snow load in real time while reducing perilous visits to the roof."

Francis Rioux,
Roofing Project Manager
City of Shawinigan

Fast, Low-Intrusive Installation

Installation of a Tensio system takes an average of one day. Thereafter, it takes 2 to 3 weeks for the engineering analysis and configuration of your Tensio software. Delivery times vary according to the season.


Tensio Systems Can Be Installed All Year Round, Regardless of the Season

Even in winter, it's possible to install a Tensio system, as long as we can access the roof to set the collectors to 0. However, our operations are greatly facilitated during the summer season. 

1. Installation of Tensio Sensors

An installer comes to your building to install the sensors in the ceiling structure. The sensors are installed directly on the structure of your building (beams and joists) in the locations previously identified. When the sensors are installed, the installer makes a survey of your building's structure, which is passed on to the engineering team.

The procedure is non-intrusive and does not disrupt your activities. 

2. Analysis of Your Buildings’ Actual Capacity

Using the data collected by the installer, our structural engineer determines the capacity limits of each section of your buildings where Tensio sensors are installed. 

The engineer then determines the relationship between steel deformation and roof loads, specific to each location.

3. Setting up Your Tensio Account and Training

Our team sets up your company's account in Tensio, including preventive alerts, and trains your users on the application.

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