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Personalized Demo of Tensio

Discover Tensio, the Intelligent Solution for Preventive Roof Maintenance (IoT)

See for yourself how Tensio makes it easier to manage preventive roof maintenance, by telling you exactly when and if it's really necessary to plan a maintenance operation on your building's roof.

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What You’ll See During Your Tensio Demo

  • Presentation of the Tensio web app and how the solution works
  • Discussion regarding your preventive maintenance and roof snow removal issues
  • Preliminary assessment of the number of Tensio smart sensors required for your buildings (if desired)
  • Budget estimate for the acquisition of a Tensio solution for your company (if desired) 

Benefits of Equipping Your Buildings With Tensio Sensors


Base your decision making on reliable data that is tailored to the current condition of your building.


Avoid downtime caused by unscheduled maintenance interruptions.

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Maximize your investment by practicing preventive maintenance to preserve the value of your assets.


Reduce maintenance costs by anticipating them and scheduling them at the optimal time.

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Save labor time by avoiding frequent inspections with access to the necessary data delivered directly to your phone.

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Limit the risk of damage to your building caused by water infiltration, the excess weight of snow on a building’s structure and frequent snow removal operations.

Tensio Has Simplified Preventive Roof Maintenance for Several Major Organizations in Canada

Tensio testimonial city of lévis logo

"We now make informed decisions based on standards and not on visual interpretations made by individuals."

François Dubé,
Infrastructure Management & Maintenance
City of Lévis


Tensio testimonial olymbec logo

"Last winter, I slept well! Weather cocktails make us lose control, but with Tensio I know what's going on, even if I'm not there."

Alexandre Kagaba,
Roofing Project Manager

Tensio testimonial city of shawinigan logo

"We have considerably reduced the number of interventions on the roof thanks to the Tensio system. We can now monitor the snow load in real time while reducing perilous visits to the roof."

Francis Rioux,
Building Project Manager
City of Shawinigan