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Smart Building Monitoring


Snow-covered Roofs


Drains Sensors

Do you want to be more aware of the physical condition of your facilities?

Tensio can help.

At Tensio, we are committed to offering you innovative solutions that will keep you connected to your building(s), with the goal of enabling you to perform preventative maintenance. Based on reliable data from our smart sensors, you can spot potential problems early. This way, you can avoid permanent damage, expensive maintenance costs… and future headaches!


Why integrate Tensio into your building(s)?


Base your decision making on reliable data that is tailored to the current condition of your building.


Avoid downtime caused by unscheduled maintenance interruptions.

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Maximize your investment by practicing preventive maintenance to preserve the value of your assets.


Reduce maintenance costs by anticipating them and scheduling them at the optimal time.

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Save labor time by avoiding frequent inspections with access to the necessary data delivered directly to your phone.

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Limit the risk of damage to your building caused by water infiltration, the excess weight of snow on a building’s structure and frequent snow removal operations.

They Trust Tensio for the Preventive Maintenance of Their Building Roofs

Discover Tensio for Your Sector

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Recognized Expertise in Civil Engineering in North America

Tensio is a Can-Explore company, a recognized leader in infrastructure and building engineering across Canada for its innovative approach and ambition in developing technological innovations for the engineering sector. 

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