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Automate Your Roof’s Preventive Maintenance With Tensio

Thanks to reliable data tailored to your buildings' actual capacity, know exactly when and if it's time to schedule snow removal with Tensio.

Smart Sensors That Monitor, in Real Time, the Stretching of Steel Caused by the Weight of Snow on the Roofs of Your Buildings

Benefits of Equipping Your Buildings With Tensio Sensors

tensio icon reliable data

Base your decision-making process on reliable data tailored to your buildings' actual capacity

tensio icon risk of collapse

Avoid business interruptions and the risk of collapse caused by structural stress in your buildings

tensio icon snow-clearing costs

Reduce snow-clearing costs by limiting the number of snow-clearing operations to the essentials

tensio icon spread snow

Optimize your snow-clearing efforts by knowing when and where snow only needs to be spread on your roof rather than removed completely

tensio icon employee safety at work

Maximize your employees' safety at work by avoiding having them climb on your roof to inspect the snow volume

tensio icon roof membrane

Reduce the risk of damage to your roof membrane caused by shovels by reducing the number of snow removal operations required

They Trust Tensio for the Preventive Maintenance of Their Building Roofs

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Recognized Expertise in Civil Engineering in North America

Tensio is a Can-Explore company, a recognized leader in infrastructure and building engineering across Canada for its innovative approach and ambition in developing technological innovations for the engineering sector. 

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