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About Tensio

Canadian Engineering Connected to Technology

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Louis Légaré-Lapointe, P.Eng., CEO of Can-Explore & Maxime Lavigueur, P.Eng., Co-founder of Tensio

In the winter of 2019, Quebec experienced a large number of building roof collapses related to the accumulation of snow and ice.

It is in this context that Tensio was founded in order to offer a solution that directly addresses the issues related to snow laden roofs.

Today, Tensio is the only system on the market that allows for the constant monitoring of the behavior of the structure of a buildingin real time, and according to the actual capacity that each area of a roof is capable of supporting. Tensio has also diversified its portfolio by adding smart sensors that make it possible to know if a roof drain needs to be cleared.

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Recognized Expertise in Civil Engineering in North America

Tensio is a Can-Explore company, a recognized leader in infrastructure and building engineering across Canada for its innovative approach and ambition in developing technological innovations for the engineering sector. 

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"At Can-Explore, many of our customers asked us whether they should clear snow from the roofs of their buildings, based solely on their own impressions.

They didn't want to clear the snow excessively and unnecessarily, because clearing snow from a building roof represents thousands of dollars each time, not to mention all the complexity involved!

On the other hand, overloading the roof entails high safety risks for the users

Louis Légaré-Lapointe, P.Eng.
CEO of Can-Explore & Co-founder of Tensio


A Team Dedicated


Our promise
Enable organizations to better prevent the risk of incidents by knowing when a maintenance intervention should be put into action. Thanks to our systems, you can identify problems early and avoid damage, expensive maintenance costs… and future headaches!

The values we stand for
Rigorousness, Conviviality, Lucidity, Competitiveness, Humility, Honesty.

Canam Group Trusts Tensio

We are very proud of our partnership with Canam Group, a leading specialist in the manufacture of metal components and renowned for its activities in the building sector worldwide.

Tensio's innovative autonomous roof monitoring system fits perfectly with Groupe Canam's avant-garde design-build approach.

For this reason, since 2022, all buildings prefabricated with Murox can be equipped with a Tensio snow system.


Any Questions About Tensio?

Our team has compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Tensio system. You'll find complete and detailed information on these points:

  • Why buy a Tensio system
  • How a Tensio system works
  • How much does a Tensio system cost, and what return on investment (ROI) can you expect
  • How does system installation work and and what is involved on your side
  • What are the IT requirements

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