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How does Tensio connect you to the snow on your roofs?

Our smart sensors analyze the behaviour of your structure in real time in order to measure the live load on your roof. Rain, snow, ice – all elements are considered before the load is compared with the limit established by our team of engineers according to standards specific to each site. Information is sent to you via our web application.

Smart Sensors

Tensio smart sensor


  • Analysis of the structure’s behaviour in order to measure the live load on the roof.
  • Secure LoRaWan network, fully independent from your computer networks.
  • Battery autonomy: 8 years.
  • Compliance with IP67 standard for humid or corrosive environments.

Certified as a “Product of Québec”

Our certification confirms that at least 85% of the directs costs related to the purchase of inputs (including raw materials), their processing and assembly were incurred in Québec.

Sensor installation

  • Our technicians take care of installing the sensors. The building is surveyed on-site; the building plans are not required.
  • The sensors are directly installed on the building’s structure (beams, joists, columns, etc.).
  • The method is non-intrusive and does not disrupt your activities.
Installation of the Tensio system

Web application

Tensio Web App - Multiplatform

Intuitive interface adapted for all devices

Tensio Web App - 7 Day Predictions

Visualization of loads according to roof load limits

Tensio Web App - Multiple Building Management

Management of several buildings from a single account

Tensio Web App - Data History

Quick access to each sensor’s history

Benefits of our unique platform

Loads in real time and automatic alerts

Get an automatic alert as soon as a weight limit is exceeded, according to capacity of your building.

Seven-day predictions based on an AI model

Our predictive system, based on artificial intelligence (AI) generates accurate predictions by considering forecast precipitations, wind, roof geometry, etc.

Customized team management

Create teams with permissions adapted to the roles of individuals in your organization. As a result, the right resources are assigned to the right buildings. 

Data history display

Base your decisions on reliable data and recognized standards.

Integrated data collection

Our platform hosts a comprehensive set of data. You can therefore save your own observations (photos and measurements).

Centralized data

Centralizing data contributes to preserving knowledge on snow removal, standardizes decision-making and promotes teamwork in your organization.


Tensio implementation steps

  • Information collection and analysis
    Our team analyzes your building or buildings, establishes where to install the sensors and gives you a comprehensive quote. 

  • Installation 
    Once the order is received, our technicians install the smart sensors. On average, the installation takes one day.

  • Engineering 
    The system is operational once our team has processed the data from the survey of the building’s structure. 

  • An operational system 
    Log on to your account and see the loads on your roof in real time. 

Take advantage of our technology now!