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New Product at Tensio: Smart Sensors for Roof Drains


To meet the demands of its customers while providing complementary solutions to its existing platform, Tensio is proud to announce the launch of its newest product: smart sensors for the preventive maintenance of roof drains.

What is the new Tensio solution for drains?

This smart solution allows for the preventative maintenance of roof drains by providing reliable, real time data, which accurately indicates whether or not your drains need maintenance. Thanks to these innovative sensors, problems can be detected earlier, avoiding permanent damage, expensive maintenance costs and even downtime.

As with our system for snow load monitoring, Tensio aims to provide peace of mind. When the system detects an anomaly, the sensors will send a real time alert to the Tensio app, so that you can plan a targeted intervention. Three levels of alerts are provided:

  • when the water level is abnormally high 24 hours after a rain,
  • when water exceeds a customized critical threshold, such as the parapet, or  
  • when one or more sensors don't respond or match the others.

These alerts provide a warning so that you can respond in a timely manner without constant surveillance.



The benefits of having Tensio products for roof drains

This new system provides building managers with many advantages. First, it avoids sending staff to the roof to inspect drains when it's not needed, maximizing the management and expense of your workforce.

Tensio helps prevent the malfunction of your drainage system, avoiding water infiltration. Damage to buildings is minimized, preserving the value of your assets over the long term.

The gateway connection in the Tensio system uses a secure LoraWan network, independent of your internal computer network. This ensures a reliable and secure connection. The drain system connects to the same gateway as the snow system and the data is visualized from the same platform. In addition, the installation of the sensors can easily be done autonomously by you and your team.


Whether you manage industrial, commercial or institutional buildings, Tensio offers you an efficient solution tailored to your building. The Tensio system helps you monitor and plan for the maintenance of your roof drains.

Maxime Lavigueur, General Manager at Tensio, highlights the tests that have been carried out over several years with the collaboration of their customers:

"We were able to test our drain sensors with customers across the country who already have the Tensio system for snow. These tests have helped us to develop a product that is now refined and adapted to different building types."



Tensio's smart sensors for preventive roof maintenance are now available. Take advantage of this new system!

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