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Automate Snow Monitoring on the Roof of Your Food Production Plant With Tensio

Ask for your personalized Tensio demo to find out how the intelligent system lets you know exactly if, when and where it's really necessary to plan snow removal on your food production plant's roof.

When Should You Remove Snow From Your Food Production Plant Roof?


When Tensio alerts you. It's that simple.

Stop relying on subjective visual interpretations made by individuals, and make informed decisions with data customized to the actual capacity of each area of your food production plant roof, cross-referenced with the weather forecast for the next 7 days.

Clear snow from roof areas only when truly necessary

  • 24/7 monitoring of snow loads according to the actual capacity of each of your buildings and the weather forecast for the coming days.
  • An accurate view of snow load status in real time for all your plants, wherever they may be. So you can keep an eye on the stress level on your building structure, even remotely.
  • Standardizes snow monitoring across all your buildings and equips your teams.

Face the labor shortage with resilience

  • Transfer of knowledge made easy in the event of staff turnover.
  • Staff shortages: optimal, uniform snow monitoring across all your buildings, even when understaffed.
  • Occupational health and safety: your staff will no longer have to climb onto the roof to monitor snow or perform weighing operations, reducing the risk of falls and injuries.

Watch Out for Ammonia Pipes on Your Roof!

By limiting snow removal operations on the roof of your food production plant to the essentials, you also limit the risk of damage caused by shovel blows to your ammonia pipes on your roofs, and thus cause major consequences for your organization.

Focus On Value-Added Tasks While Tensio Monitors Your Roof, 24/7


We calculate your building's load capacity

A structural engineer will determine the capacity limits for each location on your roof, taking into account a number of factors (year of construction, additions over time, snow accumulation history, roof geometry and height, etc.).


Our sensors measure steel stretch in real time

Smart sensors are installed in critical locations, right in the steel structure of your building's ceiling, and measure, in real time, the snow load supported by your roof.


Data is cross-referenced with weather forecasts

The data is then cross-referenced with the weather forecast for the next 7 days (precipitation, temperature and wind). So, if a storm forecast in 4 days' time is likely to cause a location to exceed its limit, Tensio alerts you in advance.

Benefits of Equipping Your Buildings With Tensio Sensors

tensio icon reliable data

Base your decision-making process on reliable data tailored to your buildings' actual capacity

tensio icon risk of collapse

Avoid business interruptions and the risk of collapse caused by structural stress in your buildings

tensio icon snow-clearing costs

Reduce snow-clearing costs by limiting the number of snow-clearing operations to the essentials

tensio icon spread snow

Optimize your snow-clearing efforts by knowing when and where snow only needs to be spread on your roof rather than removed completely

tensio icon employee safety at work

Maximize your employees' safety at work by avoiding having them climb on your roof to inspect the snow volume

tensio icon roof membrane

Reduce the risk of damage to your roof membrane caused by shovels by reducing the number of snow removal operations required

These Food Production Plants Already Rely on Tensio

"I was always a little nervous every time there was a big snowfall. However, after a year of use, I feel reassured. Additionally, the system showed that we often had the roof cleared of snow for nothing. Tensio now allows us to make more informed decisions."

Industrial Building Manager

"Last winter, I slept well! Weather cocktails make us lose control, but with Tensio I know what's going on, even if I'm not there.

Alexandre Kagaba,
Roofing Project Manager