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Industrial sector

Reduce your roof snow removal costs and protect your operations.

Distribution centres



Tensio web app on mobile device

They trust us to monitor their buildings:

Discover the benefits of Tensio for your buildings

Effondrement d'un bâtiment sous la neige

Avoid any interruptions in your operations.

You can count on reliable data to ensure continued operations and prevent incidents.

Tensio Web App - Multiple Building Management

Perfectly plan your snow removal.

Now take a preventive maintenance approach, with planning based on objective data combined with a seven-day weather forecast.

Roof snow removal

Reduce your snow removal costs.

Remove the snow when required. Reduce the need to go up on the roof, and avoid unnecessary operations.

How does the technology work?

Installation of a smart sensor carried out by a Tensio technician

Our technicians install the Tensio sensors directly on the building’s structure, without disrupting your activities.

Tensio web app - real-time overview of roof loads

Use the Tensio web application to see the distribution of live loads on the roof in real time.

Tensio system notifications overview

Get automatic alerts as soon as a certain capacity has been reached. We will also provide alerts based the weather forecast.

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